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World Science Festival 2011: Joy Hirsch was honored as one of the top women scientists.

Gina Kolata wrote a NY Times article regarding “Women Atop Their Fields” including Joy Hirsch. More info: at World Science Festival page.  A pdf is here and a link to the NY Times page is here.


PBS excerpt from Nova – “How Smart Can We Get?” (Originally aired Oct. 24, 2012)

Joy Hirsch and David Pogue interview George Widener  in a documentary, “How Smart Can We Get?” The entire documentary can be watched here.

PBS: Excerpt from interview with Joy Hirsch regarding media violence. (Originally aired: Dec. 22, 2012)

In this interview, Joy Hirsch explains  the need to further fund and conduct research on video game violence prior to making any conclusions. The entirety of the PBS documentary can be found here.

Series of museum, magazine and pop-sci pieces regarding fMRI that Joy Hirsch was quoted in or helped curate.

Newsweek Discover Journey to the Center of My Mind NYT Technology Review Wired Screenshot 2013-11-15 15.17.36


These articles and others can be found and read by clicking the links below.

American Museum of Natural History Brain Brochure

Wired Magazine Issue 14.01

Technology Review (Cover), Part 1 and Part 2

New York Times:_”Journey to the Center of My Mind

New York Times: “Signs of Awareness Seen in Brain-Injured Patients”

Newsweek – “Mapping the Brain”

Discover Magazine: “The Bilingual Brain”